The Tarot Of Reading

Recently I stayed up reading till 6am. I’m hopeless. Once I start a good book I find it hard to put it down. For that reason I limit myself to reading on the holidays. Otherwise I’d get nothing done, lol. Three recent favorites are above. Let’s explore the Tarot of Reading, shall we?

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Knight Of Pentacles: The Handy Man (Or Woman)!

Knight Pents

My 16 yo daughter wanted some new shelves for her room. Instead of whining about it and hassling me to go shopping she…

(a) Researched shelves on the internet

(b) Located the product she was interested in

(c) Organised for me to take her shopping at a time convenient for us both

(d) Located the product immediately on the store’s customer computer system

(e) Lifted the items, which were quite heavy, off the shelves and later into the car without being asked

(f) Put them together herself without any assistance from moi. The boyfriend and the Allen key were all she required.

She’s a girl who gets things done with a minimum of fuss. Can’t wait to see what she achieves once she finishes high school. (Before you think I have it too cruisy her sister is the dead opposite. Makes a large fuss about the smallest things. Sometimes about nothing at all. Although thankfully she seems to be growing out of this tendency. Slowly, very very slowly.)

As my youngest was hauling her prize into the car at IKEA today she put me in mind of the Knight Of Pentacles. Action man! Or in her case, action woman! He is a man – or woman – who gets things done. The Knight Of Wands loves to start projects, the Knight Of Swords likes to plan them, the Knight Of Cups cares a great deal but it’s the Knight Of Pentacles who finishes them. He’s a handy man to have around. Not so much the lurver but great husband material.

Are you lucky enough to have someone in your life who’s a Knight Of Pentacles?