The Tarot Of Reading

Recently I stayed up reading till 6am. I’m hopeless. Once I start a good book I find it hard to put it down. For that reason I limit myself to reading on the holidays. Otherwise I’d get nothing done, lol. Three recent favorites are above. Let’s explore the Tarot of Reading, shall we?

4 Swords

Four of Swords: Reading is time out from real life. Mental relaxation.

6 CupsSix of Cups: Fiction. Escape into a fantasy universe.

Knight Pents

Knight Of Pentacles: Non-fiction. Getting informed.

Knight Wands

Knight of Wands: The action hero. Can be male or female. I discuss this card a lot on this site as the hero is a common trope of books, TV shows and movies.

9 Swords

Nine of Swords: Being unable to put a book down because you NEED to know how the story ends or you won’t be able to sleep.

4 Cups

Four of Cups: Feeling dissatisfied with a book even though there might be some good things going for it.

Ace Swords

Ace of Swords: Putting a book down as soon as you realise you’re not going to enjoy it. Took me years to master this art. Life’s too short to waste time on bad books.

The Moon

The Moon: Discovering out sh*t you had no idea about.

Ace Cups

Ace of Cups: Being moved by what you read.

The MagicianThe Magician: Being inspired by what you read.

The TowerThe Tower: Being transformed by what you read.


Judgement: Deciding how you feel about a book. Sharing recommendations with friends. Posting a review on Goodreads.

Are you a reader? Or not? My family is split on this one.

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