First World Problems

My air conditioner’s broken and it’s 39 degrees outside. Tomorrow it’s going to be 42. Luckily I have a lovely air-conditioner mechanic who’s going to pop by in the morning to give the pipes a squiz. In the meantime I get an instant sweat lodge which’ll give me a thorough New Year’s detox. Oh yay!

Even though the cavalry is on its way, I still feel panicky at the thought of having to sweat my way through the next 24 hours. It’s made me ponder the Tarot of First World Problems…

Let’s face it, a broken air-conditioner for 24 hours is not a big problem. I can go to a shopping centre or the cinema if I really want to cool down.

Five of Wands: Dealing with everyday problems

However, I still feel like this about it…

Nine of Swords: Panicky

The problem is you get so used to First World comforts, it’s a surprise when they’re taken away. Not a pleasant one.

Seven of Wands Reversed: Having something stolen from you

It’s also easy to feel abandoned when you’re stuck grappling with unpleasantness on your own.

The Fool Reversed: Lacking trust

This makes lots of people angry.

The Emperor Reversed: Anger issues

And they often take these frustrations out on others.

Five of Swords: Biting words


It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re used to modern day comforts.

Two of Pentacles Reversed: Losing perspective

Don’t get me started on how I feel when my internet signal goes down.

What modern day comfort could you not live without?

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