Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has re-surged in America, more powerfully than ever…

The Wheel of Fortune: Revisiting something

This movement has now spread around the globe…

The World: Working in unison

Really quickly…

Eight of Wands: Moving fast

There have been large protests across America and around the world…

Judgement: Taking action to benefit your community

These gatherings have raised concern about the danger of spreading the coronavirus…

Two of Pentacles Reversed: Juggling two conflicting values

What saddens me is when the legitimate concerns expressed in the protests are brushed aside by community leaders, for this or other reasons…

Two of Swords Reversed: A refusal to listen

Case in point: The Australian Government has denied that the issues in the US apply here…

The Devil: Living in denial

Despite the fact that the Aboriginal population in Australia has a worse incarceration and death rate in custody, than anywhere else…

The Hierophant Reversed: Hypocrisy

We can only hope that the protests will have an impact.

Death: Significant change

That all lives will come to matter.

Not just in principle, but in practise too.

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