Commencement 2020

The first lesson looks scarier than it is…

The Devil: You have more power over your life, than you think!

Followed by…

The Tower: Expect to be thrown out of your comfort zone at some point.

Life throws everyone curve balls.

Roll with it.

See what opportunities come up as a result.

The Star: Never lose hope, no matter how bleak the circumstances.

The Moon: Sometimes you have to completely change the way you operate, in order to keep moving forwards.

Do the work!

Get therapy!

Open the scary door to the past!

Revisit that childhood demon, and vanquish it once and for all!

The Sun: Be completely open about who you are!

Judgement: Show compassion!

Do things for others!

Be of service to your community!

That’s how you reach this experience…

The World: Contentment with your life

Of course, to do these things requires enormous reserves of this…

Strength: Courage

Which tarot card lessons would you include in a commencement speech?

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