The Tarot Of The Walking Dead

I’ve just finished mainlining series two of ‘The Walking Dead’. Seeing as how I can’t get those zombies out of my head I thought we might explore the Tarot of this television show.

6 Cups

Six Of Cups: Fantasy.

Dystopian stories are one of my favorite kind and this terrifying world can be fun to get lost in (so long as you keep your eyes closed at key moments.)

2 Pents

Two Of Pentacles: Loving and hating something at the same time.

I vacillate between enjoying this show and being too scared to watch. Thank goodness for the fast forward button.


Death: The Walking Dead

The real walking dead of the title aren’t so much the zombies as the survivors. They are forced to find a way to live in a completely changed landscape and process their feelings about this change at the same time. That’s what makes the show so interesting to watch.

King WandsKing Of Wands: Rick Grimes. Action Man!

The leader of the survivors is Rick Grimes. He’s all the things a King Of Wands is meant to be: creative, bold, inspiring, charismatic and forceful. He also yells a lot.

King Wands R

King Of Wands Reversed: Shane, Rick’s hot-headed offsider.

Shane is a sheriff like Rick and in the beginning seemed like a great leader as well. However as time progresses, he becomes ruthless, impulsive and dangerous. (Scriptwriter code for, watch out, we’re about to bump this character off.)

Queen Pents R

Queen Of Pentacles Reversed: Rick’s wife, Lori.

I can’t really figure Lori out but I’m going with Queen Of Pents because her main role is homemaker. Reversed because it’s not clear what values she actually stands for. One minute she’s seems in love with someone who’s not her husband, the next she’s not. One minute she forgives her husband’s secrets, the next minute she doesn’t.

Queen Wands

Queen Of Wands: Andrea

Now this is more my kinda gal. Turns her nose up at doing the washing to help protect the group instead. Not that I’m a fan of guns.


Justice: Dale, the moral conscience.

Dale encourages everyone to hold onto their humanity despite the difficult circumstances they face.

Page Wands

Page Of Wands: Glenn, my favorite.

He’s a friendly kind guy who’s the go-to for sneaking into town to get supplies.

Knight Wands R

Knight Of Wands Reversed: Darryl

Darryl is the reformed bad boy. Cocky. Hot-tempered. Restless. He keeps things interesting.

Strength R

Strength Reversed: Carol

Carol starts off as the submissive battered wife but she is slowly finding her voice.

8 Cups

Eight Of Cups: Starting over.

Whenever these survivors begin to get comfy somewhere a group of zombies is bound to come out of the trees to push them on their way again.

5 Cups

Five Of Cups: Finding it hard to look on the bright side.

It ain’t easy counting your blessings when you’ve lost so many people and things you care about.

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune: Being kept on your toes.

You never quite know what’s going to happen on this show or who’s going to be bumped off next. No one except Rick seems safe.

That about sums it up.

Notice how wand and cup cards dominate. Wands represent courage and cups emotions like grief. You’d expect to see more wands and cups than swords (logic) and pentacles (property, possessions) in a show about zombies, don’t you think?

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