The Tarot Of School Camp

Just got back from three days on school camp and this is what I experienced…

Page Wands

Page Of Wands: A lot of super-excited hyper children. Nothing like a break from normal routine to rev up the masses. And two nights away from home in the country was an adventure beyond the wildest imaginations of my eight and nine year old charges.

Knight Wands

Knight Of Wands: Lots of outdoor adventure activities like canoeing, archery and building bush shelters.

The Chariot

The Chariot: Striving for success. Being able to build a campfire and cook damper on a stick over hot coals.


Strength: Which is the whole reason we go on camp. Because having these types of experiences builds confidence. (Strength comes after The Chariot card in Life Lessons Tarot aka the Major Arcana for a reason.)

8 Wands

Eight Of Wands: It was go go go from sunrise to waaaay past everyone’s bedtime.

The Empress

The Empress: Good and plentiful food was provided. Yay! (I see The Empress as nourishment.)

The Emperor

The Emperor: Lines and queues for everything – Getting food, having showers, waiting your turn on the Flying Fox or Ropes Course.

10 Cups

Ten Of Cups: The kids were great. We were one big happy family.

5 Swords

Five Of Swords: Except of course when we weren’t. I had to hose down a few girlie spats. Oh, girls, girls, girls. We get so worked up about stuff don’t we?

9 Swords

Nine Of Swords: A complete lack of sleep thanks in particular to those lovely cherubs who knocked on random cabin doors in the wee hours of the morning. We were woken by the screams!!! Plus, you’re always on high alert as a teacher on school camp. The slightest noise will wake you from sleep. Even an owl hooting.

4 Swords R

Four Of Swords Reversed: The downside of school camp is there is absolutely NO time out. As an introvert I struggle bigtime with this.

Ace Pents

Ace Of Pentacles: Despite this, there is no doubt that on every parameter the camp was a massive success. The activities were great. The cabins were great. The food was great. The kids were great. The parent helpers were great. And of course it goes without saying us teachers were great, lol.

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