The Tarot of Mental Illness

I’ve talked about mental illness before. But in my opinion, as someone who’s had extensive experience in this area, you can never talk about it enough. There are lots of peeps suffering out there with one form or another of this insidious disease.

Let’s dive deep into the Tarot of Mental Illness shall we… Continue reading

Nine Of Wands Reversed: Being Paranoid

9 Wands R

Nine Of Wands: A man stands holding onto a wand looking ready for battle. He’s primed and prepped to defend his territory. The bandage around his head suggests he’s experienced heavy fighting. The line of wands at his rear are the skills he’s drawn on to survive.

Reversed, the man is drawing on this energy in a dysfunctional way. He’s on guard. Defensive. Fired up for no reason. Prepared for a fight without any provocation. Paranoid.

I would expect this┬ácard to come up on a regular basis for survivors. Those who’ve experienced a great deal of trauma in their lives. It can be hard when you’ve lived through a lot of battles to believe you don’t need to fight anymore.

Anyone like to share their experiences with this card?