Throwback Thursday: Tarot’s Holy Book Part 2

I’ve written before about how Tarot contains a holy book that charts the journey of a human soul through all the stages and experiences of life. I call these cards Life Lessons Tarot. But they’re better known as the Major Arcana.

These lessons are divided into three parts. We’ve already looked at the first part: Childhood. The second part covers adulthood. As follows…

Strength: Developing confidence

The Hermit: Seeking guidance

The Wheel of Fortune: Experiencing ups and downs

Justice: Weighing your options

The Hanged Man: Being pushed outside your comfort zone / Making sacrifices

Death: Moving on

Temperance: Finding balance

Often one experience leads to another. Lack of confidence can lead you to seek guidance. Experiencing ups and downs in the workplace or at home can lead you to weigh your options. After weighing up your options, you might decide to pursue a new job/partner/home leading to you being pushed outside your comfort zone and eventually moving on. Then you have to make adjustments to your life to accommodate the changes you have made e.g. Leave earlier for work. Find another way to keep in contact with friends from your old workplace. Redecorate.

The knee bones connected to the thigh bone. Even in Tarot. (And you thought it wouldn’t make any sense, lol!)

The card I get most often out of this lot is The Hanged Man. My whole life has been a lesson in patience. Thankfully, now that I’m in my fifties I seem to be getting somewhere. Which card that means most to you?

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