The Many Faces Of Tarot

Sean BeanI am a story teller not a fortune teller. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (as Seinfeld would say.) It’s just there’s so much more to Tarot cards.

Personally, I believe they’re a relic from the prehistoric era. This epoch’s contribution to the formation of Western Civilisation has been vastly underestimated IMHO. Before we wrote down our wisdom in words we drew it in pictures. They were our holy books. Our teachers. Our counsellors. But when the written word took over this aspect of pictography was forgotten. Only the fortune telling element remained. As a stain. A slur on the achievements of our ancestors. Which has stopped the vast majority (but not the curious few) from exploring Tarot cards in depth.

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Fortune Telling Free Zone

I’m not big on fortune telling. By that I mean, reading the cards for other people. I’ll do it if I have to, if you twist my arm, but I’d a million times rather help you learn to read the cards for yourself. The thing with Tarot is that the meanings of each card shift depending on the person and the situation they are referring to. That is why the 10-card Celtic Cross is a popular spread: the more cards, the clearer the message. But ultimately the best judge of what the cards are saying will always be YOU.

It’s kind of like how dreams can have different meanings for different people. Dreaming of fabric means creativity for one person and represents mum for another. Only you can truly say what the dream has meant.

I do believe that there are people out there who are incredibly intuitive/psychic/call-it-what-you-will who are able to tell people things about themselves and their future. But I don’t know that it’s always appropriate to do so. Or helpful.

Fortune telling can be damaging.

You can spend years waiting for the man you’re meant to have 3 kids and a big house with to materialise and in the meantime stop working for those things yourself. And then maybe they don’t happen. Life can pass you by that way. I don’t think you’re meant to lie back and let Tarot do all the work.

I’ve never forgotten the well-known numerologist at a New Age expo who did my numbers and my now ex-husband’s numbers and told me I was a bitch. I mean, sure, fair cop, I was young and had a lot to learn about relationships but (a) I don’t think that advice was helpful and (b) I don’t think that was a complete summary of my personality at that time. And it’s hard to wash those words out of your psyche once they’ve been said by a so-called professional.

What about you? How helpful or not have you found Tarot card readings?