The Tarot Of Christmas Holidays

As some peeps begin to return to work after the long Christmas-New Year break I thought it might be a good time to explore the Tarot of these holidays.

10 Wands

Ten Of Wands: How we feel before the holidays begin. Over-burdened. Exhausted. Especially at Christmas time when present shopping and school concerts and card sending and work functions are added to the usual load.

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Magician: The Mentor

The Magician

Why didn’t I think of this before? *Palm smacks forehead* The Magician card can represent a mentor of course. A mentor is someone who inspires you and the Mag is all about being inspired. He’s the ideal. The prototype. He’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey and the boss who goes out of his/her way to encourage you in the workplace. He’s the kindly scout master or girl guide leader. The older friend who teachers you how to surf or sew or be kind. That’s why we love The Magician so much.

Who are the magician figures in your life?

The Magician: Wendy Davis And Her Hot Pink Running Shoes

The Magician

A week or so ago US Democratic senator Wendy Davis stood in Texas state parliament and spoke for thirteen hours non-stop – THIRTEEN HOURS – in order to prevent an anti-abortion measure becoming law. Whatever you think of her politics that was an impressive feat. Bizarrely, one of the most commented on aspects of her performance was Continue reading

The Magician Vs The High Priestess: Rational Vs Lateral Thinking

Following on from my last post about dreaming I thought I’d briefly recap one of the main differences between The Magician and The High Priestess.┬áThese two cards represent the two types of mental intelligence as follows…

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