The Tarot of Refusing to Apologise

I’ve been absent from this blog for quite a while. A lot of heavy shizz has been going on in my life for the last few years. That’s just how it is sometimes, for some people. I needed to focus on my personal life, and then I needed time to re-cooperate and re-generate. But now I’m ready to re-emerge back online.

In preparation for this revival I’ve been re-reading my old blog posts and am shocked at how often I apologised for not posting how and when I thought I should. How very female of me. Clearly something has shifted during my absence because I no longer feel the need to apologise anymore. Anything I have to give is a gift.

Carrie Fisher is another woman who learnt the long hard way not to apologise for being who she was. As many of us are currently mourning her loss right now it seems apt to illustrate this topic with one of her more famous quotes.


Read on for the Tarot of Refusing to Apologise…

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