The Tarot of 2020

This year continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. In the worst possible way. Every time we feel like we’re moving forward again, another one of our worst nightmares pops out of a box.

Let’s explore the tarot of this, shall we…

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed: Caught In The Media Spin Cycle

The Wheel Of Fortune R

The Wheel Of Fortune represents the passing of time, the cycles of life, the ups and downs we go through.┬áReversed it can signify a cycle out of whack. On speed. Crazed. This is a card for our times if ever there was one. We’re all caught in the 24/7 media spin cycle. Beit conveyed the old fashioned way via television and print or spewed out of the internet on blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatev. Continue reading