I Have To Versus I Get To

I have an adult child who requires support for health reasons. Today that support involved taking her to a wine tasting, which was a four hour return trip. I grumbled and groaned about this in my head. I’d much rather stay in bed and wander around the Internet. Maybe write a post or two on this blog. Something I’ve been too tired to do for a few weeks. But duty/love called.

Before I left home I read the daily email I get from Mystic Medusa, my favourite astrologer. She advised that today was a good time to switch ‘I have to do something’ thoughts to ‘I get to do something’. And it worked. I get to write this post sitting in a restaurant with a beautiful view over vines. They even have a dish I can eat (very hard to find these days now that I’m managing an auto-immune condition).

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Funtime Friday: Dancing Nana

Yes. Another day, another theme. I’ve decided to dedicate Fridays to posts that are light-hearted. To send us all into the weekend in a happy mood. Yesterday I introduced Throwback Thursday, today it’s Funtime Friday and in a few days it’ll be Spotlight Sunday in which I’ll focus on a card that hasn’t been getting a lot of attention. Just trying out some new ideas for this blog as suggested in The Temperance post earlier this week.

Today I present to you…Dancing Nana. The story goes like this:

Each week a young woman picks up her 88-year-old grandmother and takes her out for a meal. While the granddaughter waits for nana to come out of her house she switches her iPod’s playlist to ‘Golden Oldies’ and winds down the car windows. And then Nana boogies and shakes her way down to the car. The joy on her face whilst dancing is infectious. I hope I have as much joie de vivre as she does when I’m 88.

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The World: For When Life Feels Joyful!

Well here’s a news flash that got my heart dancing. Forget about politics and shit…

A gigantic herd of dolphins has been spotted off the San Diego coastline. The phenomenon called a ‘super pod’ is about seven miles long and five miles wide. Which is a little bit mind blowing for someone like moi. I get excited when I see one dolphin in the wild let alone 100,000. It’s like Dolphin Convention 2013 out there. Apparently the super pod is is a rare but noted event which takes place at sporadic intervals for no apparent reason. Dolphin experts have just been shaking their heads with embarrassment when asked to please explain this behaviour.

You can view footage of the super pod taken from a tourist boat on my Facebook page or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZbA421hIhs. The boat captain said he’s never seen anything like it. To quote: ‘They were coming from all directions, you could see them from as far as the eye could see. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out here. But this is the biggest I’ve ever seen, ever.’ When an old sea dog is gob-smacked it stands to reason that the rest of us should stand up and pay attention. Something truly miraculous has occurred. And when you watch the footage I’m sure you’ll agree. There’s something incredibly joyful about watching dolphins at play. Puts me in mind of this Tarot card…

The World

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