The Lovers: The Judgement of Paris

The story associated with The Lovers card is an Ancient Greek tale called The Judgement of Paris which goes something like this…

Three goddesses were arguing about who was the fairest one of all (you know a story isn’t going to end well when it starts with a quote from Snow White’s wicked stepmother, lol). So a Trojan mortal by the name of Paris with a reputation for fairness was brought in to make the call (geez, talk about gods passing the buck. Guess they were too smart to bite.)

The contenders included Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Hera was the wife of the head honcho Zeus. Athena, the most beloved goddess of the Ancient Greeks. They even named a city after her. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Each offered Paris a bribe.┬áHera said she would make him Lord over Europe and Asia. Athena promised he would be successful in every battle he fought. Aphrodite took her clothes off. Hmmm, wonder who he chose…Nah, we all know it’s a no brainer. Paris was a MAN. Before those clothes even hit the floor he handed Aphrodite the title (and we all know which part of his anatomy chose the winner. Hint: It wasn’t his brain.)

Big mistake. HUGE. Because in return Aphrodite promised him the hand of the most beautiful woman on earth. None other than Helen of Sparta (later Troy) who was already married. But the damage was done. Paris was determined to claim his prize. And so he did.┬áThis was the trigger for the Trojan War that cost countless Greek lives. You can’t help but wonder whether Aphrodite was one of those mischievous sprites of ancient times who liked to throw the odd bomb into human affairs or maybe Hera and Athena cast an evil spell over her to get back at Paris like the wicked fairy godmothers of ancient lore.

It just goes to show you shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of the gods. And that love can be a dangerous tricky confusing business. But you knew that already, huh. What else might this story be telling us about The Lovers card?

The Holy Book – Volume 1

The Major Arcana cards read like a book that follows the journey of a human soul through life.

The first volume covers childhood:

The Fool

The Fool – The soul waiting to be born

The MagicianThe Magician – The newborn who seems perfect in every way and has so much potential.

The High PriestessThe High Priestess – The baby living off instinct during the first months and years.

The EmpressThe Empress – The child at play

The EmperorThe Emperor – The child being disciplined

The HierophantThe Hierophant – The school child forming ideas about the world

The LoversThe Lovers – The teenager beginning to make choices about what they want and who they want to be with.

The ChariotThe Chariot – The young adult striving for success.

That’s one way of looking at it anyway. There are many more. That’s the beautiful confusing thing about Tarot. It’s like a diamond. Every time you turn it in your hand you see another side.

What about you? What’s your take on the first 8 cards of the Holy Book of Tarot?