The Tarot Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

It seems appropriate on Valentine’s Day to explore the Tarot of Fifty Shades of Grey which has just been released world-wide as a movie.

The Lovers

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The Tarot Of Frozen



The movie Frozen has been an absolute phenomenon.

The World

The World: Its been popular all round the world with boys and girls alike.

2 Cups

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Throwback Thursday: The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season 1

GoT1Throwback Thursday is a chance to revisit some of my favorite posts. Seeing as how fans like myself are beginning to rev up for the next season of GoT I thought I’d take the opportunity to revisit where the TV show began by republishing the Tarot of Game of Thrones Season One. Continue reading

The Tarot Of The Beauty Pageant Winner

I plan a post on the Tarot of The Beauty Pageant Winner and by an amazing coincidence the winner of Miss America is crowned at the same time. I must have been picking up the vibes in the air somehow. More importantly, I finally have a clear enough head to write a post two days in a row, whoo-hoo, now that really is something worth celebrating. Let’s get stuck into it shall we?

5 Wands

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Tarot Card Angels

My weekly email from Biddy Tarot has inspired me to look at the angels in Tarot. They are found on Life Lessons (aka Major Arcana) cards which are the most significant ones in the Tarot deck. Each is an archangel i.e. they are serious players in the angelic world, what they have to say is important. So if they turn up in a reading, pay attention!

The Lovers

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The Lovers 21st Century Style

The Lovers

I clicked on an article today at The Huffington Post (an online news media) titled ‘Nearly 20 Percent Of Young Adults Admit To Doing This During Sex’. Thinking: ‘What are those young people up to now? Don’t tell me that as well as being more functional than my generation (X) they’re also having better sex!’ I imagined I was going to learn they’re all giving each other head (which I’ve heard they are) whereas in my day that pleasure only flowed in one direction and I was prepared to be very jealous of the women of Generation Y. But instead here’s what I read…

Nearly 20 percent of young adults between the ages of 18 and 34 use their smartphones during sex.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The jokes on me. Ah, the choices we make, even when getting intimate with the ones we love.

Do you use your smartphone during sex?