Tarot Lesson #305: You Need To Take Time Out To Recuperate After A Storm Has Passed Through Your Life

Long time, no talk. My bad of course. I’ve had a few things going on, as we all do from time to time, and then I needed to recover before I resurfaced again. I’m good at taking time out for myself for which I like to thank my mother. She has always done things just for herself even when her children were little. And I have followed suit as a parent. It’s the only way to stay sane.

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The Tarot Of Mental Illness

I promised a lovely lady on my Facebook page ages ago that I’d republish all my medical Tarot blogs. Here’s one I found. Sorry it took so long…

I’ve had way more experience of mental health issues in the last few years than I ever wanted to so I thought it might be time to tackle the Tarot of Mental Illness in more depth. Unsurprisingly the cards involved include those in the last section of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana). Note: These cards might turn up reversed in a reading about mental illness.

The Devil

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The Star: The Therapeutical Benefit Of Being A Fan

The Star

It’s no co-incidence that famous people are called Stars. Just as The Star card represents sanctuary and healing, following your favourite Hollywood Stars has therapeutical benefits. Being a fan of a famous person helps you forget about your own problems, you can get lost in theirs instead. Reading a trashy magazine article about celebrities gives you a break from your own life. Going to a concert of a musician you love helps soothe your hurts. Following lifestyles of the rich and famous helps you create dreams for your own life that nourish the soul. Etc etc etc. You get the picture. The Star card really does represent Stars with a capital S amongst other things.

Thursday Throwback: Tarot Card Readings

In the comments recently someone asked how to read Tarot cards so I thought maybe it was time to review the different types of Tarot card readings we have looked at on this blog so far…

The One Card Reading – For Beginners

There are a lot of ‘official’ Tarot card spreads you can use but you don’t need anything fancy the first time you do a reading. Just ask yourself a question, shuffle the cards and when you feel ready pull one from the pack.

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Throwback Thursday: The Holy Book Of Tarot

I’ve decided to dedicate Thursdays to re-running old posts. Maybe mashed up together or with new information thrown in. Because there are some Tarot stories that deserve to be retold. Because I want to refocus on central themes from time to time. Today is one of those occasions.

One of the reasons I love Tarot cards so much is that they’re deeply meaningful. In particular the group of cards commonly known as The Major Arcana. I refer to them as┬áLife Lessons Tarot because together they read like a book about the core life experiences of a human being. For me this is Tarot’s Holy Book. I’ve divided it up into three volumes and a prologue.

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The Tarot Of Being A Writer

I’ve been writing novels in my leisure time for years. Haven’t finished any yet but here are some things I’ve learned along the way…

It takes two things to be a writer:

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FYI: The Medical Tarot

I thought we might have a look today at Tarot cards associated with medical issues. NOTE: Just because these cards turn up in a reading does NOT mean you have a medical condition. As I keep on saying, there are 50 shades of Tarot, 50 possible meanings (or thereabouts), for each card. Please take the following with a large grain of salt. Some I’m sure of. Others are educated guesses.

9 Wands

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The Temper Tantrum Cure

I read an article in the weekend newspaper today which got me thinking. It was written by a well-known columnist named Martin Flanagan. He spoke about how when his daughter was young he spent a lot of time with her walking in the bush. Not talking much, just sharing the silence, being together. Taking her outside was a great way to defuse the tension whenever she started to get narky. Now he uses this same trick on his grand-daughter. Taking her to the playground whenever she and her mum start to wind each other up works a treat. Turns her into a different kid. A quieter calmer one. The article was headed ‘Stepping Past The Threshold To The Infinity Within’.

His stories made me think of these two cards which follow one another in Life Lessons Tarot (the Major Arcana):

The Tower

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