Temperance: Forty Reasons It’s Great To Be Forty!


A friend of mine turned the big 4-0 the other day. It’s a tricky number 40. At 20 you have your whole life ahead of you and 30 still seems full of possibilities no matter how much you’ve stuffed things up so far. But at 40 you feel like you need to have crossed a few things off your to-do list. At this point it’s good to remind yourself what you HAVE achieved. To take a step back and look how far you’ve come.

Adjusting to getting older is Temperance card territory. So I want to celebrate forty things that are great about being 40. Continue reading

Temperance: Keeping Your Balance In The Aftermath Of The Boston Marathon Bombing Tragedy

I was going to do a post today on the Tarot of the Boston Marathon bombings but the truth is I don’t have the heart. I feel unwilling to use Tarot cards to tell yet another sad story about a horrendous tragedy that has captured the world’s attention. My instinct is to focus on the good not the evil. To highlight the heroic actions of the many rather than the cowardly hateful actions of the few. And it turns out I’m not alone…

Yesterday Patton Oswalt an American stand-up comedian, writer and actor posted the following message on his Facebook page:

Boston. Fucking horrible.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: The Holy Book Of Tarot

I’ve decided to dedicate Thursdays to re-running old posts. Maybe mashed up together or with new information thrown in. Because there are some Tarot stories that deserve to be retold. Because I want to refocus on central themes from time to time. Today is one of those occasions.

One of the reasons I love Tarot cards so much is that they’re deeply meaningful. In particular the group of cards commonly known as The Major Arcana. I refer to them as Life Lessons Tarot because together they read like a book about the core life experiences of a human being. For me this is Tarot’s Holy Book. I’ve divided it up into three volumes and a prologue.

Prologue: Continue reading

Justice vs Temperance: Weighing Your Options vs Finding Balance

For a long time I struggled to understand the difference between the cards of Justice and Temperance. The former has a picture of scales whilst the latter is about finding balance.  The themes seem same same. But there is a difference. For what it’s worth here’s my take on the subject.


Justice: In this card Continue reading

FYI: The Medical Tarot

I thought we might have a look today at Tarot cards associated with medical issues. NOTE: Just because these cards turn up in a reading does NOT mean you have a medical condition. As I keep on saying, there are 50 shades of Tarot, 50 possible meanings (or thereabouts), for each card. Please take the following with a large grain of salt. Some I’m sure of. Others are educated guesses.

9 Wands

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