The Tarot Of Digital Binging

I spend way too much time on the ol’ internet. So I thought I’d investigate the Tarot of Digital Binging…

Page Swords R

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The Tarot Year Card: When Does It Kick In?

We’ve talked about your personal Tarot Card-Of-The-Year before. But for those of you new to The Tarot Teaclub or who’ve forgotten it’s a numerological formula you use to work out which Tarot card represents the type of experiences you can expect to have each year. The formula is this: You add up your birth day + your birth month + the current calendar year. Then you work out which Life Lesson card matches the number you got. If the number is greater than 21, you add the digits together. Most years you just move into the next Life Lesson card. For example, I had The Devil last year so now I’m in The Tower.

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The Devil Vs The Tower: Hell In Slow Motion Vs Hell On Wheels

Well, I thought last year was bad but I ain’t never had a year like this one. Whereas last year when my Tarot Card Of The Year was The Devil I felt under massive pressure, this year in The Tower everything Continue reading

The Tarot Of Mental Illness Revisited

I promised a lovely lady on my Facebook page ages ago that I’d republish all my medical Tarot blogs. Here’s one I found. Sorry it took so long…

I’ve had way more experience of mental health issues in the last few years than I ever wanted to so I thought it might be time to tackle the Tarot of Mental Illness in more depth. Unsurprisingly the cards involved include those in the last section of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana). Note: These cards might turn up reversed in a reading about mental illness.

The Devil

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The Devil + Two Of Swords: Introverts Don’t Flourish Under Pressure!

So I’m deep in the Year Of The Devil card and feeling the heat baby. Under pressure at work and at home. And I’m finding it difficult to write on this blog (you might have noticed, lol.) The problem is I’m an introvert. A rare species but we do exist. Us introverts need time to ourselves or we become exhausted, unable to perform any but the most basic functions. It’s a fact. A phenomenon. I read this great article today about how introverts write in a different way to extroverts. We can’t just push through, we have to make space in our heads for the words to come. And that’s what I don’t have any of at the moment: head space. Apologies for my slackness but I promise I will write when I can.

Any other introverts out there find it hard to write when they’re tired?

The Tarot Of Elections

It’s the day after the election here in Australia and while most peeps are probably nursing a hangover after celebrating the win or the loss I thought I’d have a look at the Tarot Of Elections.

The Empress

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